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I found this amazing document from Dr. Shaklee, a Nutrition Course that is as relevant today as it was in the 1950s.

Thank you Dr. Richard Brouse (from whom many of us learned much of what we know about Nutrition and Supplementation)--- here is his introduction from his webpage, NWAPN: A Study Course in Nutrition

"The fallacy of old age seems to be the biggest bug-a-boo in the lives ofour people. Whether we will extend life 5 or 25 additional years, I am surethat you will appreciate the extension." Dr. Forest C.Shaklee


In remembrance of Dr. Forrest Shaklee, Sr.

This work is considered by many to have originated from Forrest Shaklee, D.C., D.D. It first appeared in the 1950's as the "Little Red Book" and has provided many students of nutrition with a practical discussion of the subject.

Being a visionary pioneer in the field of Chiropractic nutrition and nutritional supplementation, Dr. Shaklee knew that his clinical observations would appeal to "every man" and establish a foundation for better understanding of nature’s secrets. Even though the scientific content of this manual is a half-century-old, the style and content of the material is elegant and clinically sound. This work approaches nutrition with both the respect and personal philosophy of a brilliant scientist and physician.

For the reason of practicality, this work is not referenced with the scientific literature of its day and need not be. Annotations are included to bring the reader up to date and emphasize the brilliance of Dr. Shaklee. I hope you will enjoy his warm wisdom and common-sense approach to the changing science of nutrition. Every person who desires to more fully understand the vastness of the field of nutrition must read this work. It has influenced my chiropractic practice and personal application of nutrition for
over twenty-five years.

Richard O. Brouse, M.A., D.C., DACBN, CCN

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