Eco-Friendly Green Fundraising For Non Profits

*Cash donations may be decreasing*
but people are still washing their
~clothes, dishes, hair~
& brushing their teeth & taking vities

Let me introduce you to a fabulous Green Fundraising opportunity from a company, founded in 1956, that is known for it's commitment to Quality, Integrity, and The Environment of our entire Home Planet!

A great benefit of Green Fundraising is that your supporters get to use THE FINEST Green, Non-Toxic, Efficient, & Concentrated products money can buy. These are products that one uses ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Your Supporters simply RE-DIRECT THEIR SPENDING from their current Brand-X to Shaklee ''brand.''

Extra Bonus~ all products are 100% money-back guaranteed! AND they are Kosher ;-)

Contact us TODAY & we will get your non-profit on the road to fabulous Green Fundraising