Simple Beauty Tips Make a ''Nonsurgical Facelift'' Possible

If a nonsurgical facelift is something you have been looking for, and all the adverts in the media are too confusing, you might want to try what many thousands of us have been doing for decades.

Granted, not every face responds the same way, and some have had more dramatic results than others, but i can pretty much say that everyone who is diligent with the routines gets excellent results! I am thankful i started in my late 20s, and only wish i had started as a child.......

An excellent nutrition therapy skin care system can be the beginning of a nonsurgical facelift, along with the proper application of natural cosmetics that can give the illusion of a 10 minute facelift.

ATTENTION--you'll want to take BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS.... be sure to take some close up shots of your skin BEFORE starting your ''nonsurgical facelift'' system!

If blotchy, sun damaged skin is what you are dealing with, you can also try brightening nutrition therapy. This product can help diminish the appearance of blotches and discoloration 5 different ways. It's complete system is pure and potent and proven!!

This amazing product has a patent-pending process that incorporates 16 herbals that have been found to brighten the appearance of the dark patches of the skin. It will illuminate the dullness and can even prevent further darkening of the skin and all those blotches.

Here is a little synopsis of the 16 herbs and what they do.......

BEARBERRY --- The arbutin content is a potent astringent and antiseptic

SOYBEAN --- contains many nutrients and essential oils that benefit the skin, can protect your skin's natural oils from oxidation

ALOE --- Of the hundred varieties of this perennial plant, Barbadensis is Cooling, drying, & stimulating

BEECH TREE --- Beech bud extract (BBE) contains molecules characteristic of embryogenic tissues

STRAWBERRY BEGONIA --- brighten and reduce the appearance of age spots and uneven pigmentation

MULBERRY --- a highly efficient antioxidant

ROSEMARY --- believed to fight free radicals and shows effects against malignant disease and anti-tumor activity, and is said to possess strong antioxidant qualities

PEONY --- Antioxidant properties

SCULLCAP --- The time-honored use of Skull Cap has been as a nervine and tonic to renew and revive the central nervous system and treat nervous disorders of all kinds

MOUNTAIN ARNICA --- Stimulates circulation, Anti-inflammatory, Bactericidal, Mild analgesic activity, Immune enhancing, Topical counter-irritant.

CAT'S CLAW --- considered an anti-inflammatory agent

KUDZU --- For over two thousand years, Chinese physicians have relied on it to counteract poisons

LINDEN --- It is a relaxing remedy

MARSHMALLOW --- It's particular excellence involves soothing irritated tissue, and it relieves various forms of inflammation.

SEAWEED --- excellent for detoxification

GREEN ALGAE --- high in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Try Brightening Nutrition Therapy Today!

And to repeat---ATTENTION--you'll want to take BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS.... be sure to take some close up shots of your skin BEFORE starting this ''nonsurgical facelift'' system!

Follow up with the 10 minute face lift, and face the world with a younger looking you!

Please contact me with any questions, I'll try to answer them as best I can, or find the answer for you!!