Post Menopause Sleep Solution

by Annie
(New Mexico)

My menopause experience began in late 1999. Thankfully I had been taking Food Supplements since 1973, and the menopause supplements since 1997, so I was sailing thru that period of time that can cause so many women MUCH grief!

However, after a couple of years I was not sleeping soundly anymore. I was taking extra calcium and sleep aids and they definitely helped a bit, but still my pattern was to wake every 90 minutes or so. How I longed for a full nights sleep!

Aug. 2008---enter a super grape tonic that was said to make one feel 25 years younger, clean the ''plaque'' out of individual cells, and in general, rejuvenate bodies from the cellular level.

After about 3 weeks on the product, I was definitely sleeping much better. Then, because of such high demand, the product was on back order and we were without it for nearly a month. Not sleeping as well returned. GREAT EXPERIMENT THO!! After just one week back on the product, and I am sleeping much better again. I look forward to my sleep patterns being fabulous within the next few months!!

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