Soft Vitamin Nourished Skin

by Annie
(New Mexico)

Vitamins For Skin

Vitamins For Skin

Can vitamins really enter through your skin and help it repair and become more healthy and radiant? YES YES!!! Wish i remembered the exact year, but i have been using this amazing combo for about 15 years. It took about 2 months to really see the long-lasting difference, but from the beginning, my skin felt and looked SO much better!!! Yes, i use the entire Skin Nutrition Line! But this letter is about how much i LOVE the vitamins for nourishing my skin!!!

These products are so special that they are patented! The bio-pure vitamins are in the perfect 2:1 ratio, C to E. The C in 10% strength, and the E 5%. Perfect partners in antioxidant protection!!!!! Yes, Vitamins C & E can nourish the skin!!! There are many clinical trials which have been conducted on these products, proving they really do what they say......not to mention the zillions of people who have tried it and rave about it's effectiveness!!

Another very terrific fact -- it's Water-Free!! This means that it will release those great vitamins into the skin when it comes into the natural moisture found in all skin cells.

And another important fact for me? NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS, only humans!!!!

My ''special formula'' is actually two products combined. In the photo above, you can see the little white ''pearl'' of the vitamins for skin, and barley visible is the small amount of the special soothing, creamy ''gel'' that combines perfectly with the vitamins; it also helps to spread the vitamins evenly on the skin, and make it even more moisturizing!!

So what is this terrific gel? It's super smooth, super soft, and hypoallergenic. One special ingredient is beta glucan, special polysaccharides that soothe, smooth, and protect the skin. Beta Glucans also help the immune system; here is a YouTube that shows how the Immune System works and how it is enhanced with Beta Glucans.

I always put a little extra of both products on the palm of my hand to make sure i can cover my face, my throat, and have left over for my hands and wrists---they suffer from exposure to the elements just about as much as my face! I am a diligent wearer of hats and gloves, but still need and appreciate the extra help this soft vitamin nourished skin ''formula'' gives me!

Even tho this vitamins for skin is recommended to be used in the evening, i have been using it both morning and evening for about 10 years; we live in a very dry climate and high altitude, Northern New Mexico, and my skin needs all the extra help it can get! Being born at the very beginning of the wave of Baby Boomers, i'm determined to feel and look as young as i can..... and since i'm feeling very young (with the extra help of my Nutritional ''Prescription''), i need to keep after the Younger Looking Skin routine every day!!!!

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