14 y.o. shepherd went from dragging hind legs to running like a puppy

by Bobbie Stasey
(Albq NM)

We adopted Samantha when she was three-months old, skin and bones, abandoned at the doorstep of my dog groomer. That was more than 14 years ago now. She's been the very best watch dog ever, and I'm always grateful to her for alerting me to anyone coming around, particularly that UPS truck!

Last year she started taking too much time getting up off her bed in the mornings. Then she was limping. Then she started dragging the hind legs with great effort.

It was clearly time to bring in the big, natural supplement guns, so to speak. Although she had been on small dosages for her 40-pounds, I decided to double and then triple her joint tablets and her omega-3 Complex. In less than a week she was back to normal! I cut back to double what I'd been giving her and she's holding that amount very nicely.

So her daily doses are: 1 multi-vitie-mineral, ''gold'', 1 pro-biotics, 4 omega-3s (2, twice a day) 4 joint tablets (2, twice a day).

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to give back quality life for this amazingly smart, loyal, dedicated dog.


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