Our Critter Funny Videos

Nothing like funny videos of dogs and horses and wildlife to bring great joy to life! Hope you enjoy some of ours!

Couldn't help myself, Tina Fay did it again and I thought we needed a good laugh!!

48 Hour Filmmaker: New Mexico 2008

Mule or Mini, Who's The Boss?

Big Clyde the mule is low man on the totem pole around here; his best buddy Lacey Mini Horse, is the real boss! Our YouTube funny videos tell all!

Mule or Mini, Who's The Boss?

She's Boss of Mirafount too!

More Mirafount Water Antics

Zahdy tries to drink and ends up playing more! Zahdy loves to play and splash more than drink...

Sage always rushes for the water when we get back from riding, but the doggies do too........ who can be there first?? Sage Toomba Zahdy Wateghogs!!

Doggie, Horse, Raven Antics!

ravens tease doggies

Doggies Deep Snow

Toomba & Zahdy LOVE to ride the horses; all equines tolerate doggie antics!!! Doggies get on Tyree Doggies Ride Tyree Doggies Dismount Tyree ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

Ward, Colorado (8,700' elevation) during a blizzard in the late 1990's. Dogs love playing in deep snow, and Bailey sure showed how it's done! This youtube has nearly 4 million views so far, Go Bailey!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sparky PitBull & his Pet Ducks