Global Warming --Tied To Sun's Variability? Human Caused?

The Global Warming controversy will most likely go on for a long time. Is it mainly human caused? Are there things we can do to help our planetary home?

Or is this warming trend normal? To quote from the website, ''Iceberg debris on the floor of the North Atlantic indicates the world has had nine global warmings, followed by nine coolings, in the past 12,000 years.

All were apparently caused by a 1500-year cycle in the intensity of the suns radiation. The iceberg data is strongly confirmed by the solar activity record produced from carbon-14 dating of tree rings and beryllium-10 dating of Greenland ice cores.''

Global Warming will be helped with each of us Going Green, using non toxic products, green products

Sunrise or Sunset???

Whether our planet is warming because of the greenhouse gasses we humans have created and are now emitting, or whether this is just one more 1500 year cycle, only time will tell........

Until we know the reasons, it might be wise to live with total respect for our precious, unique home we call Planet Earth. If we, as the human race, could quit ''trashing'' what we have, perhaps we could return to the pristine paradise God created for us....

Will Steger Sounds the Global Warming Alarm

The Will Steger Foundation has seen firsthand the dramatic affects of global warming on both the environment and the human condition. With that knowledge, we are leading humanity to solve our climate change challenge.

Because of his discoveries, many on this planet have been even moremotivated to combat global warming by Going Green in every day life!

I have written a special page on the personal influence Will Steger has had in my life..... he was one of the last people to see my beloved Daddy before he died mountain climbing in Peru in 1965...

Global Warming will be helped with each of us Going Green, using non toxic products, green products

Will Steger, Annie Whitney, Kanga

Cerrillos, NM 1996

(Kanga is now in Heaven, July 2008.....)

With a fabulous Susan Hertel painting in the background.


We are SO Proud of our Kids!

Gotta brag on my brother Ed, who lives in Denver and has been riding his bike to work for DECADES...... no matter what the weather!!!! If it's really horrible snow, he'll take the bus...but by then, the entire city is likely to be shut down!!!

We are SO proud of our kids, Erica and hubby Ryan, and Forrest! Early on, they took the challenge of Going Green, Living Green, and here is a little of what they are up to today!

Erica and Ryan bicycle just about everywhere, no matter what the weather in Montana! Erica is an Energy Star consultant, Ryan an environmental scientist. The Billings Gazette did this great story, Couple Finds Many Ways To Conserve.

Ryan has been cycling to school and work for the last 14 years.

Here he rides his bike with big work boots and trousers.... no need for fancy biking outfits!

And Kudos to my brother Ed Whitney, who has been riding his bike to work in Downtown Denver every day for over 20 years. 5 miles one way, no matter what the weather..... if it's too bad for Ed to ride his bike, then the city is closed by snow!

Erica's Energy Wise Building Solutions name

Optimizing energy efficient and sustainable design

Energy Star for Home Certification

Resnet Accredited Home Energy Ratings (HERS)

Consulting, energy modeling and performance testing

Scooters are another great way to get around for people looking to be more environmentally-friendly, but who need something with a bit more power and range than a bicycle. Check out Motor Scooters Guide for a detailed discussion of the various options when it comes to riding motor scooters.

After Forrest left the Navy, he returned to his hometown in the Colorado mountains. It was there that he met Brian, and became involved in his Biodiesel business.... They collect barrels of used cooking oil from Aspen and surrounding communities! USA Today has their story, Green Bandwagon Getting a Big Push.

Global Warming will be helped with each of us Going Green, using non toxic products, green products

Forrest & Brian collecting used cooking oil

Helping Reduce Global Warming!!

Earth Friendly Cleaners could eliminate 248 lbs. of greenhouse gases

If you knew that using Earth Friendly Cleaners could eliminate 108 lbs. of the waste that goes to landfills in the form of packaging, could you get excited?

If you knew that using Earth Friendly Cleaners could eliminate 248 lbs. of greenhouse gas (said to increase global warming) from getting into our atmosphere, could you get excited?

And if you knew that using Earth Friendly Cleaners could save you thousands of dollars, i KNOW you could get excited!!!! The Green Clean Kit is one of the most powerful ways an individual can make a HUGE difference in the global warming dilemma in which our planet finds itself today.

Global Warming will be helped with each of us Going Green, using non toxic products, green products CONTACT ME HERE


Sloan's GREEN on YouTube

Green Goes With Everything

Juneau Alaska---could EVERYONE conserve 30% in one week??

OK everyone........ JUST THINK what would happen if every one in the lower 48 would cut energy consumption 30% in 7 days--- Juneau did it in a week and we could too! Sadly, it took an avalanche and a FIVE-FOLD increase in their electric bill to do it......

Is a financial hardship the only way we can learn? Will it take $7 gas to get those 100 mpg cars on the road?

Is global warming an issue for us?

NPR has archived an excellent article on Juneau's Energy Crisis, and to quote from that interview......

Stores, though open, went partially dark. Neon signs were switched off and vending machines unplugged. At home, residents of this former Gold Rush town began living a little bit like pioneers, dusting the snow off the grill, stringing clotheslines in the backyard and flicking off their TV sets. Within a week, electrical usage across town was down as much as 30 percent.

Energy conservation is a hard sell in much of the U.S., but Juneau has proved that people will change their ways if the financial incentives are big enough.

"Turn off, turn down, unplug," said Sarah Lewis, chairwoman of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability. "That's what everyone is doing and being vigilant about and commenting when others are not."

It was an avalanche that forced Juneau to switch from cheap hydropower to Spendy Diesel generation..... Here is what they are doing....

Tips to help save energy

It's time to start taking shorter showers, Juneau. With electricity rates likely to quintuple next month, the city's electric utility is advising consumers to conserve electricity."People who only have electric heat should be turning down their thermostats and living an urban camping lifestyle, if they can," said Gayle Wood, director of consumer affairs at Alaska Electric Light & Power.

The following are some tips to conserve electricity:

• Drop water heater temperatures.

• Replace rain-type showerheads with more efficient models.

• Use energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs - especially in fixtures that operate more than two hours a day. They cost more initially, but use 75 percent less electricity and last about 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

• Watch less TV.

• Turn off anything you're not using.

• Keep the lids on pots when cooking.

• Use space heaters to heat only the rooms you're in, rather than a central system that heats the whole house.

• Turn off the heat when you're not home.

• Test the tightness of door seals on refrigerators and freezers. If a seal doesn't tightly hold a dollar bill when closed, it's probably time to adjust or replace the gasket.

• For greatest efficiency, set refrigerators at 40 degrees and freezers at 0 degrees.