Caution---in rare instances, some horses could have a reaction to this nontoxic fly spray if you spray heavily, then saddle up and go on a vigorous ride. I saddle first, spray second, and re-spray after their post-ride 'shower.''

Whether you use a small spray bottle or a large garden sprayer, the RATIO is still the same.

In your container, pour 1/4 (by volume)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DISCLAIMER---The following statements are my PERSONAL experiences only. They are anecdotal in nature and might not work for everyone. I have had horses all my life, and this is the best fly spray that i have ever used. NOT endorsed by Shaklee Corp.

**anecdotal --- –adjective Based on personal observation, case study reports, or random investigations rather than systematic scientific evaluation: anecdotal evidence. Based on casual observations or indications rather than rigorous or scientific analysis. from


Organic Concentrate
or 1/8 2x Strength Organic Concentrate Add some Citronella, Lavender, or Eucalyptus Oil, several drops in a small sprayer, a tablespoon in the 3 gallon sprayer.

Citronella oil can be found in most health food stores. I buy it in 8 oz. bottles online. (Here is some extra information about citronella oil, and the plants from which it is made. I am on a ''hunt'' for a great source of Pyrethrum to use in my Homemade Nontoxic Fly Spray, but so far have found nothing suitable for horse care.)

Lavender Oil is another excellent insect repellent, though some reports have indicated that Eucalyptus oil is the most effective in herbal repellents, and lasted as long as low concentrations of DEET!!

In the past, I have tried the Concentrate alone, and the Oils alone, and they worked ok. But the combination somehow works the very best!

This past summer, I discovered that just one pint of the 2x Strength Organic Concentrate in my 3 gallon sprayer worked GREAT!! That's a 1/48 concentrate, WOW!!! Talk about Economical!!!

Fill the container with Water, Filtered if possible (this helps keep the nozzles from plugging with minerals; where we live, our water is very hard.)

CAUTION-- Over-filled Garden Sprayers will not work.

Pilar is 30 and does not love being sprayed, but sneaking up on her when she's chowing down on her Equine Senior really works! She needs her nontoxic fly spray to give her some peace in her old age LOL!

After riding, I use a spray nozzle attached to the farm faucet hose-- the horses get a great bath since the Fly Spray is an organic cleaner as well! When all the sweat and dirt is gone and they have dried a bit, i re-spray for the flies. Usually they roll in the dirt after that, but at least the sweat is gone!

For just plain washing, I soak a big sponge with water and apply a drop or two of the Concentrated Organic Cleaner, scrub away, and rinse thoroughly. Simple, easy horse care!

For mosquitoes and gnats that really bother the horses and dogs (and humans too!!), I use the

Foamed Organic Concentrate ---it is easy to apply, and VERY economical! Using the straight 2x Strength Organic Concentrate is also terrific for keeping gnats and skeeties and flies away from faces, ears, foreheads, etc.... It's not officially rated for use on skin, but we have used it for decades with excellent results and zero issues....

Clicking the link gives Tips for Prevention and ''Cure'' of Equine Colic. This method has given us 99.999% success since 1976.


Oh Yes, how they love to roll in the dirt!

Lavender Oil