Heart Health Means A Healthy Heart, Happy Heart!

When ma contracted CHF, Congestive Hearth Failure at age 83, it was a wakeup call for me. Heart health was something of utmost importance! Being blessed with great health, I knew that there were some things I must continue to diligently pursue.

2000--Ma's 90th bday, Colorado Springs

A Healthy Heart Loves Vitamin E

Heart Health - Vitamin E has long been known to be essential, and clinically proven. Just in the last few decades, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) ---it supports energy production in your cells. Studies show that as we age we have less and less of it in our body. CoQ10 is especially important to a healthy heart, which never stops to rest, relies on CoQ10's energy support.

Although the human body can synthesize CoQ10, in some situations the body’s capacity to produce CoQ10 isn’t sufficient to meet its needs. CoQ10 levels reach their peak in the human body by age 20 and fall slowly thereafter. In fact, 60%of the population has CoQ10 deficiency in their 50s and 60s.

In addition, certain medications can reduce the body’s production of CoQ10. Supplements can help, but since most supplemental CoQ10 is poorly absorbed by the body, a supplement must be highly bioavailable to be effective. Here is a list of excellent Cardo Supplements.

And then there's the powerful antioxidant resveratrol - believed to be the most beneficial antioxidant compound in red wine.

My dear friend Junette has made a fabulous For The Love Of Wine page, enjoy!!

What Happened to Tim Russert

The science of sudden cardiac arrest

June 13, 2008 --- the world is reeling from the death of Tim Russert, what a brilliant guy....... could it happen to someone you love? What Happened to Russert


These are major problems for many people.... check Heart Beat page for a ton of great information....