Dry Skin Care --- A Lifesaver For Those Of Us Who Need Help!

I inherited very dry skin from my parents and grand parents, who did not have the dry skin care that I am blessed to have today....along with a great SKin Care Regimen!

When those tiny lines start to show up, it's a frightening thing! When they show up early in life, yikes! Thankfully, when I turned 30 and those lines began to stare back at me in the mirror, I had a good arsenal of great products from a dear man who totally understood the Gifts of Nature.

Age 30 and those fine lines are beginning to show up.......

And now, 30 years later, I am more thankful than ever to have dry skin care that really does work!!!

The last 3 months of my Ma's life, the Hospice folks were around a lot, people who had never met her before. They were amazed that at age 93 1/2 she had gorgeous soft skin, and soft silky thick hair. She would ''brag'' on the Great Skin Care products she had used for 30 years!

Daddy and Italian sister Bibi, 6 months before his 60th bday. Pikes Peak Ski Area, Colorado

Daddy, about a week after his 60th Bday.

Base Camp, Mt. Ranrapalca, Peru

Summer 1965

Ma was also SO thankful for the anti aging food supplements that she had also taken for those 30 years, for she had a fabulous healthy active life up until just the last couple of weeks of her life on this planet..........

Ma and step-dad Jean, both age 79.

Cerrillos NM