Horse Supplements Can Enhance Any Equine's Life!

I heard a presentation on horse supplements over 30 years ago. I had been taking supplements for my own health, but little did I know that others out there were using those same supplements for their animals with incredible results! (their Daily Supplement Formula is at the end of this page).

Clicking the link gives Tips for Prevention and ''Cure'' of Equine Colic. This method has given us 99.999% success since 1976.

We also use a great Non Toxic Fly Spray, healthy to horses, humans, and the planet!

Each of our equines (10 big horses, 2 minis, 1 mule) gets horse supplements---FIRST AND FOREMOST, they get Herbs every day for prevention of colic and general detoxification. I have an older Quarter Horse, Sage (he's 19 now) who often ties up (Rhabdomyolysis). For over couple of years I have been giving him a sports drink powder and he has not had an episode since. It comes in both lemon-lime and orange, and he loves them both. He get's about 1/4 cup daily.

When my 3/4 Arabian Rhett and I were Reining he would get 1 cup of the Muscle Recovery Powder after our workouts; his muscles really built up well, and he was never sore! This product is one of my favorites as well, just amazing how muscle soreness disappears, and even muscle ''tears'' are repaired and healed in record time!

I got Rhett when he was almost 5, and he had some major hip/hock/stifle issues. I met an acupuncture veterinarian who treated him; Rhett had been seen by 4 different regular vets, i had spend many hundreds of dollars, with no relief, and no healing.

One acupuncture treatment, and he was 99.999% pain free, and i was back to riding him most every day; a near-miracle!!! If you need help, phone Interlaken Center, 888-452-4421.

As the years went by, Rhett developed some pain in his joints, especially his hips, hocks, stifles, and ankles---he had developed severe ''wind puffs'' in his rear fetlock joints and was quite lame.

At first I did the ''conventional'' drugs; Adequan and it's generic substitutes, and some others. i decide to give supplements a try; lo and behold, he got better, stayed better longer, and at age 22, is still going strong!!! I was taking these same joint health supplements for my creaky knees.... why not give them to Rhett too? they totally changed his life!

I have also been using a Natural Immune Boosting supplement for my sweet Arabian, Whinny, who has had melanomas for over 12 years. I don't know how much longer the supplements will give him, but they have already added many years to his life. My acup vet has been amazed that he is still around each time he comes to treat our horses.

Whinny has had a very special acupuncture treatment for the melanomas, but they say if that does not work in just a few treatments, it is not likely going to extend their lives.....

Here is Whinny's Equine Melanoma page.

Humans are Mammals. Horses are Mammals. NOT PROVEN BY ANYONE OFFICIAL, but these ''Horse Supplements'' that were made for humans ARE working for my beloved horses!!

Here is the morning Breakfast line-up of vities and supplements; for more info, visit

our horse supplement page!

And a YouTube of horse breakfast lineup!


The Shaws owned harness race horses, and now are showing Pleasure Horses. The horse supplements they were giving to them made all the difference in their health and their winning ways! Here is their original formula for daily supplementation.


1 can 36 oz. Vanilla Protein Powder 1 - 2 jars 240 Multi Vitamin-minerals 2 - 3 jars #700 Alfalfa Tablets 1 jar calcium. Grind all tablets into powder. I have a heavy duty coffee grinder, electric, that I use only for grinding supplements. That is easier for the horse to consume. Mix all of the above together and store in old protein cans or in a plastic garbage bag. This mixture will be enough for about 6 weeks worth of ''horse supplements.''

George gives his horses 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup mixed in with their feed in the morning and late afternoon.

For horses who might have a virus, or are under a great deal of stress, he adds vitamin C. If a horse needs some extra energy,or is under stress, he'll add a jar of B-complex.

DISCLAIMER---These statements are my PERSONAL experiences only. They are anecdotal in nature and might not work for everyone. I have had horses all my life, and have learned to see the signs of colic, or other stresses, very early on. I immediately jump into action.

**anecdotal --- –adjective Based on personal observation, case study reports, or random investigations rather than systematic scientific evaluation: anecdotal evidence. Based on casual observations or indications rather than rigorous or scientific analysis. from

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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