Some of My Favorite Links Found HERE!

These two fairly new videos are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, enjoy!!! camel & horse pas de deux and doggie dressage.

If you have not discovered this FABULOUS AMAZING Favorites Website, check it out!! Two brothers put it together, and its Graphic Design have made this one of the most fun new Searches on the Internet!

Tina Fay does it again! Let's start the day with a funny!

Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

Ward, Colorado (8,700' elevation) during a blizzard in the late 1990's. Dogs love playing in deep snow, and Bailey sure showed how it's done! This youtube has nearly 4 million views so far, Go Bailey!!


Charlotte Health Buddies has some excellent information on Alzheimer's, a great resource for you!

Low Carb Dieting Secrets Provides information for the beginner to low carb dieting.

From our Australian friends, a Horse Nutrition page!!

Ask Dan & Denise about their tea for the immune system. Essiac remedy is dedicated to the amazing effects essiac tea has on our health over all. Essiac tea is the natural way Back To Good Health.

Arthritis Life --- Partnering with you on information about living with arthritis, symptoms, treatment, pain management, therapy options and self care and more.

T Bar T Ranch, Mini Horses & More!!