Bursitis Does Not Have To Hamper Your Life!

Bursitis and hip pain and knee pain were in my family history

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In 1969 I had no clue what bursitis was. In 1969 I was a happy, healthy college student. In 1969, I spent the day showing a big Quarter Horse, on a big western saddle---at the end of the day I could hardly walk, my hips were in terrible pain. My mom had driven from Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins Colo. to cheer me on. When she saw my pain, she took me to the doctor for assessment.

The very next day, I received a shot of cortisone directly into my left hip joint (the more painful of the two), and was told that bursitis would be with me for the rest of my life. I started noticing pain in my shoulders as well, especially when I would sleep on my side for extended periods of time.

In 1973 a friend introduced me to biodegradable cleaners and natural supplements, and a couple of years later while attending a nutrition class, the speaker talked about oils and other supplements that could improve joints. Bursitis was not directly mentioned, but within a couple of months, I could definitely tell a huge difference. Riding horses, one of my life's passions, was no longer as painful.

As the years went by, I continued to ride and sleep on my side with a minimum of pain. I limited my riding big wide horses, even tho a couple of my favorite were in this category.......

Two of those oils that I know helped a lot are Omegas and Lecithin, which I have taken daily for decades, with excellent results; they also help the skin, all joints, and even the brain!!! The amazing Vitalizer also has great nutrients which have been proven to help many conditions too....

Fast Forward to 8-8-2008, when the Super Grape Tonic is introduced. A letter in a newsgroup had told of a man's bursitis being greatly improved after just a couple of weeks of taking the tonic. It has taken my body over 4 weeks to experience the same results, but in the past 10 days I have purposely ridden two of our wide horses and have had only a little pain when I dismounted. HALLELUJAH!

riding in a narrow saddle can ease the bursitis,  the hip pain, and the knee pain One amazing discovery was an Australian Saddle. The best thing for people with hip problems is it's narrow tree, and the 4'' ''air channel'' down the horse's back. I love the English-type stirrups, your legs have totally free movement which also helps prevent pain from bursitis. My experience with western saddles is they are too wide, thus putting extra pressure on my hip joints, and the somewhat ''fixed'' stirrups also cause the legs to be pretty much ''frozen'' in place.

How I love my Syd Hill saddle!

riding in a narrow saddle can ease the bursitis,  the hip pain, and the knee pain

The saddle on the left is an example of the ''narrow'' tree that is so comfortable for those who suffer from bursitis pain! The saddle on the right is typical of the wider western trees.

From my riding experience, when my hips don't get to move enough, that's when the pain really begins. Most of my life I have ridden bareback, and within the last few years added a bareback pad to keep my jeans dirt, sweat, and hair free, and boy are those pockets handy for water, spare reins, snacks etc etc!

However, riding young horses, wild and crazy ones, or just inexperienced horses, I still need a saddle. My very first saddle was small, narrow, and lightweight. Then in college I bought a fancy tooled saddle, it was very heavy (that quality leather!!) and quite wide. That's when I started having pain in my hips. Needless to say, I sold it within a decade!

riding in a narrow saddle can ease the bursitis,  the hip pain, and the knee pain

This is what the underneath of an Aussie Saddle looks like; you can see the nice ''air channel'' and the narrow tree.

From wikipedia..........

The most common examples of this condition are

Prepatellar, "housemaid's knee", Trochanteric giving hip pain, Olecranon characterised by pain and swelling in the elbow, and Subacromial, which gives shoulder pain.

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