HEALTHY Aging Inside & Out - For A Happy, Adventure-filled Life

Proud to have been a healthy, happy Shaklee Dist. since 1973!!

painting of our ''antique'' ranch by Lisa Bemis

So many things contribute to the way we age--lifestyle, attitude, home environment; the list is long! But what if we could Greatly Improve our individual cells?

What if those tiny, amazing factories which are the building blocks of our entire bodies could become fresh and clean, ''scrubbed'' of harmful substances?

No matter which Decade of Life you reside in now, this is for you!

We took the Virtual Age Test and were amazed with the fabulous results! Anti Aging is paying off for us, and it could for you too!!! TAKE THE TEST TO SEE IF YOU COULD IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AS WELL!

It's Never Too Late &
Never Too Early To Start!
This is for everyone!

''The wind of heaven
is that which blows
between a horse's ears.''

~Arabian Proverb

What has compelled us to stay with this company since 1973? What has greatly improved our health & the health of our planet? A company which has partnered with TWO Nobel Laureates (the ONLY company in the country to do so...). A company with Integrity and a Conscience!

A pipe dream you say? An impossible task? More than 50 years later we are more passionate than ever about our purpose on this planet!!


  • Eating Organically & Drinking pure H2O.
  • Choosing excellent, High Quality Anti Aging products.
  • Choosing to be Chipper and Joyous!
  • Choosing to be active outdoors having Fun!!!

  • As each of us carefully make the right choices in our everyday lives, our planet will begin to recover from this near-fatal disease which has been inflicted upon it. And each of us will have a chance to feel better than ever as well!

    We consider Mental Health an extremely important anti aging component; true health without the use of drugs!! Dr. Ed Whitney's excellent book'' Mania--Spiritual Emergency is recommended reading.

    Join us in this exciting adventure,
    Anti Aging our planet and ourselves,
    Inside & Out!


    To quote the legendary Will Rogers , "a stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet."

    Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. Anais Nin

    I look forward to ''meeting'' each of you soon! ciao!!!! Annie

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    Here are the directions to the ranch.
    Directions to Makarios Ranch, Cerrillos, New Mexico 87010
    Makarios Ranch on the Turquoise Trail, Horseback Riding for experienced riders
    Here at Makarios Ranch, we specialize in experienced riders, but have less vigorous rides for less experienced riders
    Mania has an outer aspect and an inner aspect
    The outer aspect looks disorganized and crazy, but the inner aspect has structure and purpose
    Mania may begin when the unconscious mind begins to find hope
    Mania may begin when the unconscious mind begins to find hope and fresh meaning in a situation in which the conscious mind has become deadlocked
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