A Great Palm Straw Hat Adds Extra Sunscreen Protection

My favorite palm straw hat is the tightly woven variety that is truly a sunscreen. Even though I use a Great Sunblock SPF 30 every day, the extra shade from a quality palm straw hat gives extra protection from those harmful UV rays.

I finally found a great place to get just the right hat, the right shape, the right price!!!!! A very nice gal named Loretta has an Ebay store , and also a nice online store.

I discovered that i needed a Stampede String UPGRADE from the horsehair that came with the hat; too many little broken hairs stuck me in the face. I love the leather one i ordered. You can email Loretta, afford @ texas.net, and she will send photos of all her stampede strings.

BTW, I made my own beaded hatband, and this is the 4th hat it has been on.

Clicking the link gives Tips for Prevention and ''Cure'' of Equine Colic. This method has given us 99.999% success since 1976.

We also use a great Non Toxic Fly Spray, healthy to horses, humans, and the planet!


palm straw hat can work as a sunscreen, but wearing a great sunblock is a must!

Questions about what size hat will fit the best? Bill has a terrific section on hats, and How To Size A Hat, on his great website, ''your guide to gifts for horse lovers.''
Another great-looking sun hat is one i have not tried yet, but looks similar to some i have; i think it will be the next on my Sun Hat List!!

palm straw hat can work as a sunscreen, but wearing a great sunblock is a must