We give our horses supplements that keep them healthy & happy

How do we keep 15 equines healthy over the decades? Our horse supplements have helped over their entire lifetimes. Here is what I do every morning.......

Into each bucket, I place 3 Herbs (two older horses who are prone to colic get 4 herbs each day), and 1 scoop continuous wormer. Whinny, who has melanomas, gets 8 herbs and 8 Immune Boost Tablets.

The 2 reining horses, Rhett and Tyree, and the endurance horse Esora, (who completed the Tevis Cup three times, at ages 17, 18, & 19! ) get 6 Joint Health Supplements. 2 of them will eat the capsules whole, but one needs them opened and poured over the equine senior.

5 years ago, the mule, Clyde, had his shoulder broken at age 4 months (kicked by a big horse) -- he gets 4 joint health supplement capsules. The former dressage Arabian, Z, and the former roping QH, Sage, also get 4 joint caps, along with Lonesome, my last baby born on the ranch, 1987...

photo---Clyde and his horsette buddies

One reining QH, Tyree, and the Roper Sage, get Electrolyte Powder for their muscle issues.

Tyree just got his new shoes, and the farrier commented on how much better his joints were this time..... noticeable after 8 more weeks on his joint supplements!!!!

All equines get @1/8 teaspoon Organic Liquid ....... i have NO IDEA how or why it works, but many farmers have proof that it does, so i take it on faith and use it for worming, and general gut health.......

AMAZINGLY enough, my two old ladies who are lame---both from stepping into holes -- had results after just THREE DAYS --- both were about 90% less lame, and now I can ride them again! Not as hard as in the old days, but their quality of life has greatly increased. Pilar, our 30 yr. old 3/4 Arabian mare, has an injured right front knee joint. Halib, 26 yr. old 3/4 Arabian mare (she and Pilar had the same mom) has an injured ligament under her left front knee. The ''old blue'' formula, found only in 5 and 30 gallons, seems to work better, but I cannot say for 100% if this is true or not.

ONLY ANECTODAL, but feeding the liquid was the ONLY thing that i did differently........ this was 2 years ago, and they are still SOOOOOOOOOOO much better!

Yes, our horse supplements have really improved their quality of life!