A real nightmare

by Joy
(Vestaburg, MI)

My Son and Angel.

My Son and Angel.

It is almost 2 in the morning, and I still can't sleep. I lost my Angel almost two weeks ago, and the nightmare of this healthy 20 year old Mare, whom I was just riding the day before, died of Colic 24 hours later. I never in my fifty years with Horses had to deal with Colic, because of my horses feeding schedules,and care and the fear of Colic.
But than on that terrible night. February 28th. I was getting the feeding around, when I looked out the window, and seen my beautiful Mare rolling. I ran out side, and lead her around, but she continue to lay down. I heard Vets say' It was okay to let them rest for a little while, so I did let her. I called the Veterinarian right away, she was here in about an half an hour, gave her a shot, and told me it was just mild, and to call her in four days to see how Angel was doing? Well, I called the next morning even with a broken foot that Angel did as she was thrashing. Told the Vet again this was Chronic and not mild Colic. I asked her to please come out and put my Angel to sleep, by than it was to late. As my Husband was trying to get her back into the Barn for another injection and into a deep bed of straw. She laid down and kicked violently. My Angel than died. I put my hand on her, and ask God above, to please have a Heaven for Horses, for Angel was the most loving and gentle horse there was. Any child could even ride her. Colic is a terrible disease, and I will do anything in my power to look up these herbs and try them on my other Mare Sapphire, who now is very lonely. This was so devastating I am ready to just retire from my love for Horses. It took 50 years for me to see my very first real Colic, on my best Friend. "Angel" I miss her so much!

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