Life enhancing experiences with Annie Whitney & Makarios Ranch!

by Palin Wiltshire
(Cerrillos, NM)

Palin on Lonesome, Becky on Sage

Palin on Lonesome, Becky on Sage

I met Annie Whitney in 2002 and my life has been better ever since then. Annie loves her life and is an inspiration. I like nothing better than to spend my days off over at Makarios Ranch with Annie and all of her lovely animals. First, I fell in love with 'Z', then Whinny and of course, dear Ladybug.
Now I have Pecosa. She lives over at Annie's ranch and I don't have to worry about her...she is in wonderful hands.
It's been great to meet new friends through Annie. I have and continue to have the best life experiences through Annie and her animals.
Thank you Annie!!!!!!!
Much Love,

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