"Mania - An Alternative Paradigm"

by KDIanne Stephens, LPCC, LMSW
(Deming, New Mexico)

In my work with people who experience the attributes of the Bipolar mechanism, I would like to suggest an alternative paradigm to that of "disease"

The manic experience is an exhilarating, often creative, spiritual and/or thought provoking discoverial force triggered in the brain. As this creative, spiritual, and/or discovery process is triggered, gathers momentum and evolves, synaptic activity reaches out to other available synapses and generates yet new synaptic combinations and pathways in the brain. As these brilliant combinations are created, the begining of understaning a yet unknown "discovery" or insight is generated. As with any "unknown" the early shades of understanding are new, fragile, often disjointed ideas that are incomplete. They often need to be noted and worked with over time to bring them into clear fruition. Is it not this process that propels the human forward in uncovering the "discoveries" for which we are so well known. Is this not the piece that makes us human? Is it not our inate design? I also suggest that the ensuing "despression" that follows is the inate process by which the human is "forced" to rest and recover from it's exhausting work.

KDianne Stephens LPCC. LMSW
Deming, NM

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Aug 08, 2008
thank you Dianne!
by: Anonymous

what a great set of comments, they are so very appreciated!

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