Mini Horse Recovers From Severe Colic

by Annie
(New Mexico)

Azul comforting his mama Lacey

Azul comforting his mama Lacey

When we got our sweet mini horse, Lacey, she was several months pregnant, but the former owner did not know her exact breeding date. She's a little round girl anyway, and it looked as if she were going to have twins! Her little belly was nearly dragging on the ground!

Early one spring morning baby Azul (named this because of his one blue eye) arrived, quite a surprise!!! Mom and foal seemed to be doing fine.

Next day Lacey was seeming a bit tired, but that's to be expected after foaling. She was not exhibiting the classic signs of colic so we did not do our normal ''colic cure.''

The following day we found her in the foaling stall, groaning on the ground with Azul standing over her. This was a call for action!! We immediately did our ''colic cure'' routine, and even though it took a few hours before she was back to normal, we were very thankful that she had a full recovery!!!! Thank You Lord!!! To date we have not lost one horse to colic, even though we have had many very serious bouts over the 32 years since learning about this amazing procedure!!

The one step we left out was the shot of Banamine, not wanting to get a strong drug into her milk that might hurt Azul.

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