mustang with wings

by christine peniaranda
(red bluff, california)

after drawing thousands of horse pictures since i could hold a pencil my dream came true at 15. a firey red mustang/quarterhorse name Ronny; what a character! he loved running flat-out almost as much as munching Snicker's candy bars. we usta run along the side of the freeway racing the cars till they pulled away. on our regular route we were flying along when right in front of us appears a freshly-dug ditch! we couldn't back out either~!so with a split second hesitation, Ronny, gauged it and we went AIR-BORN! when we touched down my left thigh was on his withers, but by the grace of God (who really has a sense of humor) we stuck together and Ronny's red legs justa pumpin'. i'll never forget that amazing feeling when Ronnie got us air-born for that quick second in time. it's 44 years later and i still haven't found out who dug that ditch knowing we'd come racing along! i never jumped again. i was satisfied with that. when i became an adult i rolled a picture of us up and put it in a bottle. it's somewhere in clear creek-anderson, california.

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