Natural Organic Burn Remedy

by Annie
(New Mexico)

Cerrillos Sunset

Cerrillos Sunset

This same natural, organic cleaner is amazing on burns of all sorts! NOT NOT an ''official'' use of the product, NOT on the label.... but boy has it worked as a burn remedy for decades. I'm so thankful that, early on in my using it, someone told me to try it if i ever was burned.

First of all, the pain of the burn is almost immediately alleviated; totally amazing!

Not sure that i remember the very first time i tried it, but one of the early ones was burning the end of a nylon leadrope, and some of the liquid dropped on my finger. OUCH!!!!

Immediately i put some of the organic cleaner, full strength, right on the burn area, and ran up to the house to get a bandage which i soaked in the organic cleaner. As i recall, it took about 2-3 days of keeping the bandages on, soaked in the cleaner, before i was able to expose it to the air.

Thankfully i rarely get a sunburn, but a few years ago i burned a spot between my sleeve and my glove while i was out riding. Organic cleaner to the rescue; pain gone right away, and healing was very quick!!

A teenage friend was out riding motorcycles with a friend, and on the way back he accidentally touched the red-hot exhaust pipe with his bare calf. Being a weekend late afternoon, out in the country far from doctors, he was willing to try the organic cleaner soaked bandage. He never had to go to the doctor, and has only a small scar to this day.

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