Simple, Nontoxic House Cleaning Kits that are Very Economical

This simple, economical Nontoxic House Cleaning Kit will meet all your needs! Whether you are a professional house cleaner with a large company, whether you clean houses for a living & are the only employee, or whether you just clean your own home, you'll love knowing you are doing your part to promote a healthy home & a healthy planet!

((*;*)) SO CONCENTRATED ((*;*))
that this kit makes hundreds of gallons of cleaning solution


The kit includes

1 quart Organic Concentrated Nontoxic Cleaner

Makes about 120 GALLONS of general cleaning solution, & the equivalent of Thousands of bottles of Window Cleaner {should windows or mirrors ever streak, the formula is too strong; 2 drops means 2 drops, LOL}

1 container nontoxic heavy duty scouring paste

{Perfect for Nontoxic Oven Cleaning}

One jar of Scour Off can last Months ((*:*))

1 canister Germicide Wipes and/or

1 quart super concentrated Germicide

SO concentrated that it makes over 100 gallons of cleaning solution; the diluted product is SUPER safe, even in Rabbit Kennels!!


The amazing Nontoxic House Cleaning Organizing Caddy includes the following~

Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Super Microfiber Window Cloth

Super Microfiber Dish Sponge

Miracle Scrubber Pad

Spray Bottles (3)

* Windows and Mirrors

* All-Purpose

* Degreasing

4-oz squeeze bottles

The total cost of the non toxic house cleaning ''mini kit'' is $109.55 at retail (MEMBERS save even more~& we pay 50% of your shipping costs!).

This will make a few hundred gallons of cleaning solution, & each year can save the average user hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

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