The Power of Prayer

by Laney

Several years ago, I got a call one Sunday morning from a member of my 4th Way group. She wanted to know if I'd heard that my old friend Tracy was in a coma in hospital and expected to die imminently. I was shocked to my soul.

I verified the situation with the group leader and then called another friend, Baxter. My husband and I and Baxter and his wife Dawn headed over to the hospital as quickly as possible.

When we arrived we were informed by the head nurse that Tracy's situation was hopeless and that her parents as guardians had asked them to disconnect her life support system the next day. We were dismayed but were told we could stay as long as we liked.

In our studies we had learned that the most powerful suggestion in the world is the Lord's Prayer. So after each spoke quietly and personally with Tracy we all began repeating the Lord's Prayer, again and again for several hours. We left and repeated the prayer to ourselves silently that night.

We learned later that, miraculously, Tracy came out of her coma. Today we visited with her at the group home where she lives. She continues to recover after suffering a stroke, a heart attack and cognitive brain damage. She has come a long way. She says she knew we were there to help her and she believes she was reborn and that her life is a miracle. I do, too.

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