Using a Bullet Blender for Dog Vitamin prep

by Annie
(Makarios Ranch, New Mexico)

Vities that go into the Bullet Blender

Vities that go into the Bullet Blender

Using a Bullet Blender for Dog Vitamin prep can save a lot of time, and make it extremely convenient to give your doggies their daily vities. Here is how I do it for our 3 Australian Cattledogs & little terrier/shih tzu cross...

Into the Bullet Blender cup I place the long tablets - the Multivitamin/mineral, the Immune Boost, and the Joint Health Complex. I grind them into powder, and pour it into a 1 cup glass measuring cup. Then I grind the Alfalfa tablets and add that to the measuring cup; then I grind the two products for the brain, the Cleansing Herbs, and the vitamin C. Then I put everything back into the blender and mix them well, then pour the powder into a small air tight jar.

Each morning I put a little organic almond/coconut milk into each of the doggie dishes, and add a little water. I put @1/2 teaspoon into the 3 bigger dog dishes, and a little less into the small dog's dish. Each dog gets @1 Tablespoon of the Protein Powder. One Cattledog has Pannus (an eye disease), so he gets extra Omegas every day.

On top of this concoction I add the Omegas, Lecithin, and Carotenes. Monday/Wed/Fri I crush, with a small channel lock pliers, one Liver Detox into each bowl, and open one Digestive Aid capsule and put onto the mix. The cattledogs devour their food no problem, but the little dog needs a tablespoon of Organic Wet Food - Paul Newman or Organix - added to make sure he eats all of his supplements! The big dogs get 2 Omegas each, 2 Lecithin, and 1 Carotenes. Little dog gets one Omega & 1 Lecithin daily, and one Carotene Tuesday and Saturday.

Each day they also get a couple of drops of the Resveritrol Tonic, known to keep Telomeres (the end of DNA strands) healthy and long.

SO, for 4 dogs this is the amount of each supplement that I put into the blender.....

20 MultiVitieMineral
50 Alfalfa tablets
10 Joint Complex
5 Immune Boost
4 Vitamin C
4 each of the 2 Brain Vitamins
5 cleansing herbs

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Apr 25, 2018
Thank you NEW
by: Anonymous

Atta girl. I hv 8 month old pup. Weighs 25 lbs. Schippedke. Do you give multi vit. Childrens chewable?

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