Rewards For Loyalty? YES!!

Since 1973, i have been totally loyal to one AMAZING brand, Shaklee ~ the Rewards For Loyalty have not only been monetary~ helping keep my own home Green & Non Toxic, my own yard & environment Clean, AND doing my part to help ''save'' our Home Planet!!

♥ ♥ Enjoying my life-long passion for horses has been one of the biggest Rewards For Loyalty!!! ♥ ♥

Loyalty to my beloved Shaklee since 1973 has allowed me to use the highest quality, most concentrated, economical products from the time i get up in the morning till the time i go to bed at night!!

Proud to be a Shaklee Independent Distributor since 1973! Decades of Great Health for all, including Planet Earth!

The Shaklee Product Philosophy:

YUP, lots of links in my page~ because i am so very enthusiastic about these terrific products, and so very thankful for the wonderful life they have given me in so many ways!!!
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The Short Story~ Shaklee has dozens & dozens of fabulous products, and i use almost every one of them, from the time i get up in the morning till the time my head hits the pillow at night!!!
Read On for the rest of the story ;-)

Rise & Shine!!

i wake refreshed after a great night's sleep, resting on sheets & pillow cases that are totally non-toxic, having been washed in Fabulous Shaklee Laundry Products!! No breathing in toxic fumes or chemicals all night long, just fresh healthy air!

First thing, i drink a big glass of purified yummy Water, the best way to flush your system & wake up the digestive tract! Sometimes i use water from our great Pitcher & sometimes from the advanced carbon filtration system. Knowing that our bodies are about 60% H2O, i want to be certain that i am drinking only the purest water i can get; AND not using pre-packaged water of questionable origin, and NOT adding to the insanity of Plastics In Landfills, or contributing to the huge Floating Plastic Islands that are causing such havoc on our oceans & the critters who call the sea their home!!! Rewards for loyalty help the entire planet!

Jumping into the shower, i use only products which are the same pH as my skin, thus retaining the valuable Acid Mantle, one's first line of defense against outside invaders!! Sometimes i use the Meadow Blend Bar, sometimes the Liquid, which is SO concentrated that we use a great Foaming Container! Often i use the fabulous ShakleeBaby Wash, which has a great lavender scent, is very concentrated, and very gentle yet effective. Washing my hair with Shaklee Shampoo has, all these decades, give me shiny, healthy, happy hair which receives many compliments. Since i have baby fine, long hair, i use the Replenishing Conditioner, which helps tame tangles eliminates fly-away-ness!!

The shower is the very best place to exfoliate the skin, and the Refining Polisher does the best job ever!! Jojoba beads are well known for their gentle yet effective scrubbing qualities. Rewards for loyalty have included skin that feels so terrific, and a happy acid mantle!!

Post Shower Blessings

Since i have used the great Fabulous Shaklee Laundry Products!!, my towel is fresh & soft, but not too soft to be absorbent; and no yukky ''softener'' perfumey smell, WHEW!

1st things 1st ~ i Nourish My Scalp & Firm My Skin, so these products can be working their magic while i attend to Daily Essentials. When you are over 60, as i am, we sure want to have healthy scalp for growing health hairs, and we want to attack those sags and bags on face & throat, firming our skin as often as possible!! Rewards for loyalty? Happier scalp & skin!

i have several favorite creams for my skin, each one SO concentrated that just a tiny dab does an entire arm or leg! Hand & Body Lotion has been a fave of mine for many years, but if i have a very dry patch somewhere, then i use the Shea Butter Cream; if you did not know this fact, shea butter healing properties. Feet sometimes deserve the loving care of Shea Butter Cream, but sometimes they need our great Herbal Cream, which used to be called Foot Cream~ till we discovered it was good for SO MUCH MORE than feet; ie. soothing burns etc. Sadly, it's not in the generic webpage, so only Shaklee Members can see the product at this time...

Rewards for loyalty ~ never ending blessings!!!!

Now that we have ShakleeBaby, i often use the amazing Soothing Lotion ~ not JUST for babies~ rewards for loyalty include lifelong Baby Skin!

The Miracle Of Advanced Skin Care

i inherited dry skin from both of my parents, and grew up in very high altitude, dry Colorado. Even tho i started using Dr.Shaklee's terrific skin care products when i was 26, i needed all the extra help i could get. When Enfuselle was introduced, i saw SUCH a dramatic difference, and still do to this day!

SO, every morning i use the Cleanser, the Toner, and to help moisturize the delicate skin under my eyes, the hypoallergenic eye treatment. For protection against the harmful rays of the sun, it's Morning Repair, which also REPAIRS damage already done, and the Sunblock for even more protection in my outdoor life in sunny, dry New Mexico. i let all these goodies work their magic while i do Bfast, and then run back upstairs for some anti-blemish-magic!!

My Ma loved to use the cream deodorant; not only did one jar last her months & months, she loved the soft, creamy feel on her skin. i use the cream from time to time as well, but usually use the Desert Wind roll-on~quick & easy & safe & effective!!

In case you did not know this, alum. molecules are huge, and they stay on the surface of the skin to do their job of protection! These huge molecules are way too big to be absorbed through the skin, so you are SAFE from any side effects which other forms of aluminum can cause!! Rewards for loyalty~Decades of using safe, effective, wonderful products!


Quick! Get dressed and head downstairs, feeding Kitty Micetro on the way~ we love the grain-free Indigo Moon from Solid Gold. Happy Healthy kitties & tiny poos~ we know they digest all of it! i let the doggies out of their night time Caves, and out we go for our first walk. Since i get up while it's still dark, i get to greet my Constellation Friends just about every morning; we are blessed with Dark, Clear Skies~ we are so spoiled! The occasional cloudy sky makes me happy too, it might mean much needed moisture in our semi arid desert climate!!! Should our Moon Friend be high in the sky, the blessing is a silvery earth, and usually a terrific Coyote Chorus!

Since we live Off The Grid, we try to use as many electric goodies as possible~ and boy to i LOVE our GE stainless electric tea kettle which, of course, i fill with BestWater! The doggies have just enough patience to let me start brewing my Constant Comment tea {with added Energy Tea } before i start on their breakfast. They, too, get Solid Gold~ Hund-n-Flocken & Holistique Blendz.

BEFORE i have my tea, i have a big teaspoon of the MOST amazing resveratrol-rich VIVIX!! If you know about resveratrol, you know it's found in red wine; Vivix is like drinking 100 glasses of red wine each day~ can you imagine doing that??? And for Bfast??? **Grins**

♥ ♥ Rewards for loyalty~ daily fun, daily energy, daily health! ♥ ♥

Of course, all doggies get some great Shaklee Food Supplements!! When i'm putting hubby Tom's and my vities into little shot glasses, i'm putting the doggie's vities over their food. Even ancient Chile Pepper, who has had a long hard life, acts like a puppy most of the time!

My Fave Bfast is the meal bar when i want to chew something crunchy. If it's really cold, i love warm oatmeal, cream of rice, or cream of wheat~ i then stir in some Energizing Soy Protein or a serving of Nutritious Cinch Shake. i put either of these in organic plain yogurt when the weather is hot!

Ever had your favorite hot cereal for breakfast, only to be starving by mid morning? Adding ANY of the great shake powders gives lots of extra nutrition, keeping you satisfied and satiated till lunch time, even if it's a late lunch!!! Rewards for loyalty, an energy-filled morning, each and every day!

So while i am making the doggies their bfast and Vities, i'm putting OUR vities into little shot glasses. Talk about Power Packed start to the day, the Rx for Excellent Health can't be beat!!! It covers all the basics PLUS, and comes with an additional 10% savings off the price We do add a few more of the terrific Food Supplements for other Health Insurance Blessings. My sweet Hubby wants to have a healthy prostate so he gets his Saw Palmetto every day. He inherited the propensity for Gout, and had a couple of terrible bouts before getting serious about taking Carotenes; they are not only preventing Gout, but also helping his eyesight!!! And YES, Chile Pepper takes this for his old, remaining eye!

Both of us have stressed our joints over the decades, so we add the Joint Health and Fish Oil to keep them in good shape. Tom has had many injuries over the decades, so he (along with Chile Pepper, take the Pain Tablets, and if needed, will rub in the amazing Pain Cream.

We want to continue to have strong, healthy heart muscles, so the Co-Q and Vitamin E complexes are essential!!! Garlic has long been known to aid Cardio Vascular health and SO much more, so Down The Hatch it goes!! Every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday all of us have some of the Liver Detoxifier ~ even when trying to eat as naturally & organically as possible, it's just a fact in our day and age that livers are stressed out!!! And who can live without Alfalfa, the King Of Nutrients?

To keep my bones strong, i take the OsteoMatrix and Tom uses the Chewable Calcium for his bones and his digestive issues~ without a gall bladder, that can be an issue, but NO MORE!!!!

OK OK, i know it sounds like a lot of vities to take every day, but the REWARDS are soooooo worth every swallow, and the rewards for loyalty even more valuable!!

After the doggies eat and the dawn breaks light enough, it's Breakfast Time for the outdoor critters~ horses, Clyde the mule, mini Lacey, and Yak. Yes, they get some of the excellent supplements too!!! CLICK HERE for many terrific Healthy Pet tips, and some amazing testimonial stories ♥ ♥

Rewards for Loyalty??? Beloved Critters who have long, healthy lives!!!!

Horses, being very inclined to colic, received their daily Colic Prevention. Some get Joint Relief, and when Solo the Yak was small, he got his vities too!!! My beloved Whinny lost his battle against Equine Melanomas, but because of the excellent nutrition in Shaklee supplements, he had at least 10 years added to his long and healthy life!!!


Makeup Anyone??

The doggies are in their caves once again, happily munching their breakfasts, so i head back upstairs to get my face ready for the day. Not only is high quality makeup great for smoothing blemishes and bringing a youthful look, but it's also VERY protective!!!

My dear friend Nevena Christi Cranny invented the 10-minute Face Lift which i have been doing every day since the early 1980s! IT WORKS!!! Outlined in my 10-Minute Face Lift page are all the amazing products that i use daily. And wow, the AMAZING QUALITY and the very small price~ Nevena always said these products could be priced at 10x what they are, and they'd still be THE best bargain anywhere in the world!!!

When Is Lunch??

♥ ♥ i love a great sandwich for lunch, my most fave being organic peanut butter slathered on both pieces of organic whole wheat bread, with organic salad greens piled high as the middle layer. THE BEST ♥ ♥

{PB with jelly or bananas is WAY TOO SWEET; the greens are sort of like having PB on celery sticks}

There are times when i decide that a second meal bar or that terrific Organic Creamy Plain Non-Fat Yogurt with Energizing Soy Protein or a serving of Nutritious Cinch Shake ~~ Hits The Spot, and helps manage my ideal weight. Rewards for loyalty just keep paying off!!!

Later in the afternoon, i'll often have another Energy Tea and maybe the sweet treat of a snack bar. Rewards for loyalty? Feeling great all day long!

♥ ♥ Somewhere Along The Way ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ i had to do housework~
the crabgrass of life ♥ ♥

Not To Fear, Get Clean to the rescue!!! This amazing kit has EVERYTHING for each part of the crabgrass-ness! & What a BONUS~ You'd have to spend more than $3,400 to get the same amount of clean found in the Get Clean Starter Kit! And, when you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit, a reward for loyalty means you also make a positive impact on the planet:

**Keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills.

**Eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.

Save Lots of $$$, AND Save the Environment at the same time!

Decades ago, Dr.Shaklee invented the most amazing, super concentrated, non toxic cleaner, Basic-H. Today it is the even more amazing Organic Basic-H squared, or Basic-H2. It has literally thousands of uses, and over the decades i bet i have used every one of them!! As much as i love the convenience of the canister of organic wipes, i do enjoy Making My Own!! Even tho we have a super duper dish wash concentrate that gently suds & has a light fragrance, i more often than not use the Basic-H2. My Hubby prefers the Dish Wash concentrate ♥ ♥ Rewards for loyalty vastly improve our entire planet!!

One of my favorite uses for Basic-H is the excellent Non-Toxic Bug Spray that i use on all equines, yak, and doggies~ and on me too!!

A few years ago, when we added some Photovoltaic panels, we were able to install and automatic dishwasher, aka Dirty Dish Hider~ boy was i thrilled!! A few drops of trusty Basic-H2 in the non-spot container, and our terrific Dishwasher Powder in the cups, and HURRAH, clean dishes!!! The hot water comes from our Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes, and all the used water goes out to help water our apricot tree, which is now almost 25 years old and huge!!! AND when we don't get a late frost, TONS of delicious apricots!!! Rewards for loyalty, happy vegetation!!

A really big help when doing dishes, washing down the stove, wiping the counters and appliances, or doing windows & mirrors, are the amazing MicroFiber goodies, each of which is machine washable! My Friend the Sponge does tons of jobs, and just keeps on going and going!! For general wiping, the all-purpose cloth does an amazing job. And do you dread cleaning mirrors and windows as much as i do?? A HUGE help is the most amazing Super Window Cloth!! Extremely absorbant, and leaves all surfaces streak-free. Thankfully, there are 3 Pre-Labeled Spray Bottles so you get JUST THE RIGHT amount of Basic-H2. If you put more than 2 tiny drops into the Window & Mirror Spray Bottle, you WILL get streaks!

♥ ♥ YES, Organic Basic-H2 is THAT concentrated ♥ ♥

We don't seem to worry too much about germs around our home, we figure we have terrific immune systems, and ''Country Life'' is not geared around being overly clean. But get a kitty scratch, and out comes the Germ Off fragrance-free disinfecting wipes. Also terrific for the final wipe-down of a toilet. And yes, excellent for wiping all surfaces where germs may be accumulating!

New Mexico is famous for it's very hard water, thus TONS of hard water stains and streaks that can build up in split-second timing, or so it seems!! Forever one of my MOST fave products, Scour Off, is an amazing product in a terrific, wide-mouth jar. One will last months or even a year or more!!! It will clean the most stubborn cooked on food, the black stains on your stoneware china from stainless knives, the grody tiles anywhere in your home, and the list goes on!!! Using LOTS of water, i have cleaned silverware till it shines, and cleaned the metal parts of my horse tack.

Rewards for loyalty can even mean Equine Cleanliness!